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Skill gaps in the IT industry. Will competency outsourcing help find the missing piece?

Competency gaps refer to the differences between the skills, knowledge and abilities a person currently possesses and those he or she should possess to effectively perform a specific task or role. They are especially important in the IT industry, as dynamic changes in the market generate the need to constantly recruit well-qualified employees. Find out what competence outsourcing is and why it is so important in business.



Digital transformation widens skill gaps in IT industry

Skill gaps can be identified through self-assessment or feedback from other employees. Often it is information with negative overtones that affects customer satisfaction. Especially in the face of increasing demands on the IT industry, it turns out that the competence of employees is not enough. What is the reason for this?

A big impact on skills gaps is digital transformation. The shift from desktop to hybrid or remote work has changed the face of the IT market. It turns out that employees need increasingly broader competencies and more extensive knowledge. Add to this the increased interest in the e-commerce segment and the need to come up with more and more advanced applications. Competency outsourcing seems to be the only right choice due to the exorbitant expectations of the IT market. But are the heads of Polish companies aware of this?

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Entrepreneurs argue otherwise…

80% of domestic entrepreneurs say they do not need staffing support. The problem in this kind of situation is the low awareness of the changes that are happening before our eyes. Skill gaps can have an even greater impact on business success. As a rule of thumb, if the structures do not change, they themselves will perish, as they will not be prepared for the new conditions of competition dictated by the market situation.

It is also noted that in many Polish companies, employees have too broad competencies, making their specialization blurry. In times of digital transformation, narrow specializations that fit the profile of a given company are the most valuable. This is why competence outsourcing is so important.

Without a doubt, it is worth analyzing the organization and singling out areas where the knowledge, skills or attitudes needed to function properly are lacking. Contrary to the opinion of most entrepreneurs, competency gaps do exist in Polish companies, while managers take insufficient action in this area. Strengthening IT facilities may be the only correct choice that can ensure the company’s business continuity and save important projects.

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When skill gaps appear, it’s time for a new development management model

Flexibility is proving to be most important in an era of many changes in business and great uncertainty. Changing the approach to the team management process in the perspective of dynamic growth will allow entrepreneurs to achieve a competitive advantage and win the favor of customers. A high degree of empathy and a lack of skill gaps will play a role in the ultimate success.

Competency outsourcing is worth considering, as it has many benefits. The advantages of this solution include, for example, a streamlined recruitment process, which is handled by an external company.

Another important advantage is cost optimization, which sounds tempting in times of inflation. Taking advantage of competence outsourcing reduces the cost of hiring employees and conducting the recruitment process. Besides, such a service ideally bridges competence gaps and allows for the creation of aligned teams tailored to specific needs.


Competency outsourcing – our way out of team gaps

We are well aware of how to run demanding projects in the IT industry. Competency outsourcing may prove crucial in this aspect. So if you are looking for specialists, we are happy to support your team with a staff of experts. In this way, you will increase the efficiency and quality of your work, optimize costs and adapt your team to your specific situation.

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