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Build and optimize your recruitment process and improve your employer brand. Take advantage of our STARS framework to start building high-performing teams filled with top-tier talent.

Recruitingtop IT talentis a tough job

And trying to acquire that talent in one of the most competitive industries? This certainly doesn’t make things easier – quite the opposite.

Add to that the non-existing or overcomplicated hiring processes, the ever-evolving industry demands and rapidly changing technologies and it’s no surprise most businesses struggle. 

What’s even worse is that all of those problems are just the tip of the iceberg. 

Even if you finally manage to get the attention of skilled software engineers, many of them will drop off somewhere in the recruitment process. 

For example, did you know that 1 in 10 people drop out just because of poor onboarding experience?

And, unless you optimize your entire recruitment process, you still don’t know if the few that stay till the end won’t leave after a month or two.

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Let’s face it – your competitors don’t sleep. They keep recruiting. And they keep optimizing their processes. 

After all, they want to secure that IT talent just like you do. 

Yet, many recruiters still think posting a few job offers on popular tech job boards is enough. They go where everyone is, pay for a job ad, and wait for software developers to send their applications.

Sure, those job boards work. They will help you attract some candidates.

But, they’re just one of the elements of a successful IT recruitment strategy. On their own, they won’t help you acquire top software engineering talent.

To compete for that talent, you need to take care of your employer branding. You need to find and show your employee branding proposition. Then, you need to create a strategy and build processes that cover every part of the recruitment process. From the moment you see the need to onboarding new developers (and beyond). 

A strategy that will help you overcome the unique challenges of recruiting in the tech industry.

Enter our IT recruitment consulting service. We combine years of industry expertise with an in-depth understanding of the latest trends and needs to help you attract, secure, and retain top-class talent. 

Talented developers, engineers, and programmers that your organization needs to thrive. We can help you get them.

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Leverage Years of Experience in the Toughest Recruitment Space to Compete for Talent

Meet Lukasz – our expert recruiter in the software development industry. His goal is to help you attract the talent you need to build your business. Over the last nine years, he’s worked with businesses of different sizes guiding them towards their recruitment goals. He used his expertise to help businesses create recruitment processes from scratch, optimize existing ones, and build recruitment teams. And, most importantly – he helped companies acquire and retain niche IT specialists and top tech talent. His work focuses on end-to-end recruitment solutions & management, from target group analysis to negotiations and onboarding.

Thanks to his vast experience, he can immediately spot room for improvement, bringing massive value to the table. As our Key IT Recruitment Expert, he’ll guide your company through every step of the recruitment process. From initial analysis and strategy creation to setting the right KPIs and implementing the strategy, he’ll help you come up with solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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Who IsOur RecruitmentConsulting for?

We developed our recruitment consulting service for software houses and IT companies that:

Are Disappointment with Typical Recruitment Agencies

Go beyond waiting for someone to bring you (often average at best) candidates. Start building your own processes and start acquiring top IT developers and talent.

Don’t Have Recruitment Structure and Processes

Are you overwhelmed with this whole recruiting thing and don’t know where to start? We can help you build processes, create recruitment teams, and close new candidates in a highly competitive environment.

Struggle to Attract Talented Developers

Top developers receive even multiple job offers PER DAY. If you want to get their attention, you need to stand out and show them WHY they should choose your company. You need a strong employee value proposition that’ll grab their attention and encourage them to apply.

Keep Losing Candidates and Newly Recruited Employees

Do you keep getting new candidates but can’t seem to close them? Or maybe they leave your business shortly after getting hired? We can help you find and fix the cause of your hiring problem.

Ready to Start Getting IT and Software Projects You’ve Always Wanted?

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IT & Software CompaniesWe Helped

Discover how we helped companies just like yours optimize their sales processes. See what they did to attract and close high-value software development projects and clients.

Thanks to FutureCode’s professional and businesslike approach, we were able to complete and then develop our platform within the planned timeframe. The company has demonstrated its commitment and solid know-how.
FutureCode offered us a strong commitment to the project, backed by solid experience and professionalism. The cooperation was successful, the solution was delivered as required.
We recommend working with FutureCode to outsource and support the recruitment process. By partnering with FutureCode, we filled recruitment gaps in current projects and accelerated team expansion.
FutureCode is a reliable business partner. We recommend their recruitment support and outsourcing services. During the course of the cooperation, FutureCode has demonstrated considerable know-how in this area.

How Can We Help You Attract World-Class Talent?

Learn more about our key recruitment services. Think about what it is you struggle with, pick the right service, and grow your business with new talented developers onboard.

Recruitment Process Development

Do you struggle to identify the right candidates?

Or maybe you’re overwhelmed by the ever-changing industry requirements, candidates’ demands, and technologies?

Get a recruiting strategy that aligns with your business’s specific needs and industry requirements.

See why you kept failing, discover how to attract even niche talent, and ensure you’re never short on people you need to deliver client projects.

Prepare your business for attracting, hiring, and onboarding candidates that you believe are a good fit.

Our goal is to help you develop effective recruitment processes and build a machine that keeps bringing you new candidates on a regular basis.

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Employer Branding & Attraction Strategies

Do you fail to attract interest to open positions? Or maybe you receive applications but they all come from the wrong people?

If you want to attract top talent, you need to build a brand people will actually want to work for. A brand that stands out and resonates with your candidates.

To attract the very best, you need an employee value proposition. You want to tell potential employees why you’re the go-to place for IT professionals looking to learn new skills, work on interesting projects, and create fulfilling careers.

Our goal is to help you create that image. We’ll help you create a strategy that reflects your company’s values, culture, and vision. We’ll help set your company apart and position you as a brand that helps developers grow.

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Recruitment Process Optimization and Scaling

Do you have a recruitment process but can’t seem to find the right people? Maybe you get their applications but they fall off before onboarding or somewhere else in the process?

Or maybe you already have a foundation, but it doesn’t supply you with the number and quality of candidates that you need?

Our role is to analyze your existing recruitment process and identify gaps and improvement opportunities.

We’ll help you optimize your processes and fix the drop-off points. Whether you’re having problems with employee onboarding, sourcing, screening, or interviewing, we’ll help you build processes that are efficient, effective, and adapt to the ever-changing recruitment landscape.

We’ll also work on your KPIs and help you make more data-driven decisions. All that will give you the structure you need to achieve your hiring goals and scale your business.

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Recruitment Team Building - Build Your Dream Team

Long gone are the days when you could have one person oversee the entire recruitment process.

Attracting and recruiting top talent is a team effort and needs more than just a few job posts put together.

To secure the very best and meet your KPIs, you need a team that can implement and execute a well-planned recruitment strategy.

The size and structure of that team will depend on the size of your company, your growth, recruitment KPIs, and business (and recruitment) goals.

Our goal is to help you create a team capable of fulfilling your hiring objectives and supplying your business with the top IT talent your company needs to grow.

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Employee Retention: Strengthen Your IT Team and Reduce Turnover

Attracting top IT talent is only half the battle. With the high number of offers and fierce competition for skilled employees, developers can be extremely picky.

They can also easily find new work should their current one fail to meet their expectations.

Some developers take advantage of this situation and switch companies almost as soon as they get hired. All they need is a slightly better offer.That

low employee retention rate leads to a high turnover which costs companies time and money and forces them to start looking for people all over again.

That’s why every successful recruitment strategy needs a plan for employee retention.

We’ll help you build a retention strategy that helps you avoid developers looking to take advantage of the situation and help you lower employee attrition across the board.

We’ll also help you address all the things that lead to IT employees churn and high turnover and help you prioritize the things that will help you retain top talent.

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Why Our IT Recruitment Consulting& Optimization Services?


Tailor-Made Strategy

Even though we follow a tested framework and proven processes, we understand that every company is different. That’s why we’ll help you set the right KPIs and adjust provided solutions to your unique company’s situation and goals.

In-depth Industry Expertise

Companies looking to hire IT talent face challenges that are unknown in other industries. We understand those challenges and know exactly what processes you need to succeed in attracting, securing, and, most importantly, retaining IT talent.

Complete Pipeline Setup

Recruiting is a complex process. To succeed, you need to create a well-oiled machine that takes care of every step in the candidate’s journey - from the moment they see your job post to onboarding and retention.

Data-Driven Decisions

We’ll help you leverage analytics and data-driven insights to make better recruiting decisions and keep improving your recruitment processes. Attract better candidates at a lower cost - all that while reducing turnover and increasing retention.

In-House Needs Analysis Methodology

Over the years, we’ve managed to develop our unique STARS methodology for analyzing your recruitment needs. It allows us to better understand your needs and create a recruitment strategy that best meets those needs.

Long-Term Partnership & Support

Understanding your problems and coming up with a solution is just the beginning. Unlike many other companies, we actually stay with you after the initial analysis and help you implement the required changes.

Need a High-Performing IT Team Ready to Help You Reach Your Goals?

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Future Code vs a Typical Recruitment Agency

Looking for long-term success? Here’s why you should choose Future Code:
A Typical IT Recruitment Agency
Future Code
The Goal
Their main focus is to fill specific job vacancies. Often, with little emphasis on the quality of your future employees.
We help you develop and implement recruitment processes, strategies, and systems that allow you to attract TOP talent yourself.
The Scope
Focused primarily on candidate sourcing, screening, and placement.
Our IT recruitment consultants will give you all you need to hit your recruitment goals. We’ll help you create a talent acquisition strategy, build an employer brand, and develop recruitment processes.
The Value
They give you a short-term solution to your immediate hiring needs.
Thanks to well-thought-out, sustainable, and scalable recruitment processes, you’ll get a foundation for long-term recruitment campaigns.
The Cost
You are charged a fee that depends on successful placements. The fee often depends on the skills and position of the employee.
While the initial expense is usually higher, as you become efficient in attracting high-quality employees yourself, it leads to significant long-term savings.
The Know-How
You pay only for the result, without access to any know-how. As such, you’re dependent on the agency.
You enjoy valuable knowledge transfer and, once the processes are all in place, become fully independent.
Employer Branding
Puts little emphasis on employer branding beyond what’s needed to hit their short-term goal of attracting employees that they charge you for.
We want your company to stand out in the job market. Helping you build a strong employer brand that potential candidates trust and want to work for is one of our priorities.
Usually, IT staffing agencies use standardized processes and rarely adapt to their client’s unique needs.
We adapt to each of our client’s needs and tailor the processes to their unique challenges and goals.
Often transactional in nature, focused on delivering employee candidates for individual placements.
Our goal is to become your partner in building better recruitment processes and achieving long-term success.
Metrics & KPIs
Don’t focus on any metrics beyond what’s required to deliver you the candidates. Rarely share any data insights.
We’ll help you set necessary KPIs, choose key metrics, and enable continuous improvement thanks to data-driven decision-making.

Ready to Start Attracting Candidates Your Business Needs to Thrive? Meet the STARS Method

Every company that we work with has unique recruitment needs and faces different challenges. To make sure we understand and address them all, we use STARS – our in-house recruitment needs analysis. The method consists of 5 different steps and takes between 2 to 6 weeks (depending on your company’s size). 

During the STARS analysis, we work closely with you (literally becoming a part of your company) to better understand HOW you do things. We look at what’s working, and what needs improvement. Of course, after we finish the analysis, we’ll discuss the solutions and help you implement them to achieve the best results.

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First, we evaluate your organization’s current recruitment strategy and needs. We evaluate its strengths and weaknesses and look for so-called quick wins. We also analyze your team structure (if you’ve already built one) and internal processes. The goal is to find what’s already working and what needs improving or changing.

Talent Retention &Employee Attrition

Next, we examine all the drop-off points in your recruitment process as well as your retention rates. Why are you losing valuable talent? Is it due to company culture? Poor onboarding? Ambiguous job requirements? In this stage, we also look at the disconnects between what you believe is working and what really does. 

For example, did you know that 72% of hiring managers believe they provide clear job descriptions… compared to just 36% of candidates who believe the same?

Analysisof Performance Metrics

First, we look at key performance metrics of your current performance metrics. We look at turnover, drop-off rate, and time-to-fill. We then help you create new KPIs, aimed at helping you increase retention, lower the cost-per-hire, and increase the retention and quality of candidates. Lastly, we use those KPIs to establish long-term goals and new success metrics.

Risk Analysis & Management

Every significant change comes with a set of risks. Once we set the KPIs and understand your goals, we look at all the challenges and potential obstacles that you might face. 

We look at all the big and small details and data points. We analyze the current market situation, trends, and salaries. We also take into consideration things like organizational resistance and required employer branding efforts.

Strategy & Execution

Finally, we put all our findings together and create a tailored recruitment strategy. The strategy comes with a set of recommendations and KPIs tailored to your company’s individual situation. You’ll also get cost and time estimates for implementing these changes.

What’s important here is that this analysis is just the beginning. The strategy and recommendations that you get are more than just a list of things that you should do.

If our recommendations and estimates suit you, we’ll guide your company through the entire process.

Thanks to that, rather than just knowing what needs to be changed, you’ll get a fully functioning recruitment process and be able to meet your IT recruitment goals. 

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