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What will we do for you as part of thedigital service?

Our team is not only programmers, but also a number of specialists, thanks to which we are able to provide comprehensive support to your company.

Mobile applications

Our specialists design and implement mobile applications based on modern technologies that meet technical requirements and are in line with current trends. With these systems, you will meet the needs of users on the move all the time, for whom the phone is the main device used to exploit the Internet. Mobile apps dominate many sectors of the market, facilitating quick purchases, bookings or even learning. We will create a system for you that will help you build a competitive position and reach new customers.

Mobile applications tailored to the individual needs of your business allow you to:

Improving the company’s internal processes,
Improving the quality of user relations,
Reaching new audiences,
cost reduction.
At FutureCode, we focus on flexible solutions. With this, we will create mobile applications tailored to the goals you want to achieve.

Mobile applications: what can we do for you?

The experience and talent of our specialists enables you to create a mobile application tailored to both your business and user needs. As part of this service, we provide:
Complex Mobile Applications
Native applications

UX/UI design

We know how important is not only the functionality of the implemented project, but also the visual layer. Therefore, we will provide you with comprehensive UX/UI design. We create materials for clients according to the latest trends, not forgetting the client’s guidelines and corporate identity. We will tailor UX/UI design to the nature and scope of your brand. We will make sure that the visual identity remains consistent across the web and other communication channels.

Customized UX/UI design for your business provides:

A functional and visually appealing design,
A consistent visual identity,
PWA (Progressive Web App) applications.
Want to take care of UX/UI design with FutureCode? Feel free to contact us!

UX/UI design: what can we do for you?

Below you will find the most common projects we carry out. If you don’t find the service you are interested in on this list, please contact us! Among other things, we perform for our clients:
Mock-ups/graphic design for the application
Graphic design of online stores adapted to the business profile
Brand identity (Logo, logos, advertising materials and more)

Online stores

Creating an online store is also one of the services we provide to our clients. With our expertise and knowledge of trends, we provide e-commerce technology tailored to the users’ needs and the client’s business goals. We implement online stores with the necessary integrations to increase conversions and improve user experience. If you are looking for a fully functional e-commerce technology, creation of an intuitive shopping path and an attractive layout, you are in the right place!

With the e-commerce technology we created, you will gain:

Online store tailored to the customer profile and assortment,
Comprehensive support in building an online business,
E-commerce that meets user and market requirements.
Are you planning to build e-commerce? We look forward to working with you!

Creating an online store: what can we do for you?

We present the most common solutions that we provide to our customers. However, our capabilities are greater and we approach each project individually. Among other things, we provide e-commerce technology implementation:
Creating online stores based on the latest technologies
Integration with necessary plug-ins – payment gateways, couriers, wholesalers (dropshipping, advertising campaigns (MailChimp, Klavio Google Ads), marketplace (Allegro)
Creating/adapting graphic themes

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Discover how we helped companies just like yours optimize their sales processes. See what they did to attract and close high-value software development projects and clients.

Thanks to FutureCode’s professional and businesslike approach, we were able to complete and then develop our platform within the planned timeframe. The company has demonstrated its commitment and solid know-how.
FutureCode offered us a strong commitment to the project, backed by solid experience and professionalism. The cooperation was successful, the solution was delivered as required.
We recommend working with FutureCode to outsource and support the recruitment process. By partnering with FutureCode, we filled recruitment gaps in current projects and accelerated team expansion.
FutureCode is a reliable business partner. We recommend their recruitment support and outsourcing services. During the course of the cooperation, FutureCode has demonstrated considerable know-how in this area.

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