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IT project audit: Is your project achieving its intended goals?
Today's IT infrastructure is increasingly complex. In order to manage it efficiently, it is necessary to have a holistic view of problems and imperfections. Fortunately, an IT audit helps overcome difficulties by providing an accurate diagnosis. Find out what an IT project audit is, find out if you need such a service, and learn all…
11 May | 2024
Digital Acceleration, Or Be Two Steps Ahead Of The Competition Through Technology
In the age of digital development, companies are forced to change. Only the right IT tools can help you find your way in a dynamic market situation. So what steps should you take to get ahead of the competition and win the favor of your customers? Learn what digital acceleration is and how it affects…
10 May | 2024
Body Leasing IT: The Answer to Your Company’s Skills Gaps
What is body leasing and why is it mistakenly associated with outsourcing? Body leasing is a method of hiring a qualified employee without the need for a time-consuming and often costly recruitment process. Want more details? Read the following article. Body Leasing - what is it? Body leasing is the literal "rental of an employee"…
7 May | 2024
Transforming IT Operations: A Guide to Process Automation
To stay ahead in the competitive and ever-evolving IT landscape, operation automation has turned into a necessity instead of a luxury. The IT operations automation process involves using technology to manage repetitive tasks and processes, such as deploying new products, managing performance, monitoring workflow, etc. The process helps bring consistency, reduces the risk of error,…
25 Apr | 2024
What is blocking the growth of your business? Business & IT consulting will ensure proper diagnosis
Many companies are unable to realize their full potential. Internal barriers, among other things, inhibit companies' natural growth and prevent them from scaling. Business consulting combined with the implementation of IT goals is the key to properly building a strong brand. Check out its benefits and how to discover business hotspots. Is classic business consulting…
12 Apr | 2024