GAP Analysis is an activity that allows you to identify and fill emerging gaps in your business. Every enterprise should have defined processes and operating mechanisms that form a system that allows it to perform its duties and manage its resources effectively. The entire organization, internal production processes and cooperation with customers is based on this system.

What happens when errors occur in it? They have a significant impact on the results of the work and on the relationship with clients and the team. Unfortunately, in most situations it is difficult to find such an error on your own, let alone fix it. However, a gap analysis by specialists comes to the rescue.

What is GAP Analysis?

GAP Analysis is a service that can detect critical system errors. These errors, when undetected, can cause high risks in terms of organization or production, among other things. The so-called weak links of the company, areas that are not quite well designed or those that have stopped working as they should as the company has grown.

However, scalability is very important for rapidly growing companies. When it is missing, chaos ensues at a crucial moment, and the processes implemented are insufficient. If you want to avoid this, your solution is GAP Analysis. Gap analysis catches such errors and allows corrective changes to be implemented. This makes it possible to modernize the system and adapt it to the current moment of development.



GAP Analysis – how do we conduct it?

Carrying out a smooth Gap Analysis process is divided into several stages, during which we follow precisely planned steps. The process doesn’t always look the same, as companies’ systems can differ significantly. The basic principle we follow in our work is to adapt the process to the individual situation of the company.

The Gap Analysis process begins by isolating the specific area in the company with which the entrepreneur has the biggest problem. By focusing on this one area and analyzing it in depth, we try to find a possible gap so we know what can be fixed.

The second step is to define the goal the entrepreneur wants to achieve. This applies not only to the company’s current operations, but also to its development plans. Many companies forget the importance of process and system scalability. We strive to ensure that your business can grow at its own pace, and that the processes you put in place facilitate, not hinder, your path to success.

The third step is to analyze the processes and mechanisms in place. This stage is crucial, as it will result in a juxtaposition of reality and expectations. You will learn what needs to be changed and improve the company’s operations. At this stage, we will get access to documentation and relevant data.

After collecting the necessary documentation, we can isolate critical areas, weak links and define high-risk gaps. Ultimately, you get a report that will be the basis for improvements and adjustments to processes and systems so that they raise the efficiency of the organization.

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How will a gap analysis help you run your business?

Running a company is not easy, it requires dedication of time and constant monitoring of the status of the set goals. However, you can optimize your company’s operations in such a way as to reduce the time spent on cyclical tasks, organizational issues or task verification. Gap analysis is a service that will help you make better use of the time you have and increase the efficiency of your overall business.

Gap Analysis is the first step to achieving this goal. Well, performing such analysis and fixing the identified gaps allows you to increase the efficiency of your business – and thus also the trust your customers have in you. In addition, it is worth remembering that an efficient system means much faster and more efficient work, in which the risk of errors is reduced to a minimum.

A gap analysis will help you create a system based on processes that ensure quality and uptime.

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What can a GAP Analysis address?

Gap Analysis can address both the condition of the company being examined in relation to the industry as a whole, as well as comparing the current state of the company with where it is expected to ultimately be. A gap analysis is any activity that confronts your company’s current situation with the goals you want to achieve in the future. It will help you learn what to do to improve the processes and systems you have implemented.

Gap Analysis can therefore address the strategic level, i.e. comparing your business with direct market competition. Based on such analysis, you can see which company is doing better and why.

Gap analysis at the operational level, on the other hand, is the latter, which is concerned with comparing the company’s current situation with the set business goals. Both of these analyses allow you to improve your organization, which will help you implement your plans to grow your business.

Why is FutureCode gap analysis a good choice?

By analyzing your requirements, we are able to meet your expectations and provide solutions to achieve your goals. As a business partner, we share our time, experience and knowledge with you. Gap analysis will allow us to get to the problems and ways to improve the current system.

It is extremely important not only to define the gaps, but also the planned actions. We determine ways to repair the system and improve it so that it can achieve development goals. Our specialists have experience in working with entrepreneurs from different industries, working on a variety of systems. We know how to define the areas that generate the greatest risks.

By combining specialists in the technological field and classic consulting with innovative tools, we will catch potential system errors much faster than other companies. Using our offer, you are assured that the gap analysis will be carried out in an efficient manner and in a relatively short period of time.


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