Outsourcing IT

  • Cost optimization
  • Experience
  • Project work tailored to your current needs
  • Qualified specialists

IT Outsourcing at FutureCode
A way to fill skill gaps in the team

At FutureCode, we focus on partnerships, so our IT outsourcing clients get access to our highly skilled employees. From the moment you start working with them, they become part of your team, comprehensively fitting into your current project needs. Changing trends in the IT market require rapid response and matching of the team’s competence to current requirements. IT outsourcing for companies is our answer to technological challenges. What will you gain from it?

  • Highly qualified specialists with well-defined competencies
  • Optimize recruitment costs
  • No need to pay employees in case of downtime
  • Ability to avoid a lengthy recruitment process
  • Effective and efficient project teams

IT Outsoursing:find out the benefitsfor your business


Streamlined recruitment process:

you gain a recruitment process model created by an external company that will find the right specialist for you

Cost optimization:

No additional investment in employee recruitment and reduced costs of hiring employees

Latest technologies at your fingertips:

you are assured of hiring specialists in a specific technology, and thus do not need to invest in individual employee training

An efficient and experienced team:

you gain specialists who will deliver the results you expect by matching their competencies to your needs


you can adapt the team to the current needs of your company at any time

Quality improvement:

you will improve the efficiency of the tasks performed by hiring experienced specialists with the necessary technological competence

Is IT Outsourcing for you?

IT outsourcing for companies is an offer that will work primarily in two situations. The first is for customers who do not have their own IT and technology facilities. In such a case, Team leasing, i.e. renting an entire team of specialists, would be an excellent solution. You can also take advantage of the IT project outsourcing offer.

The second situation applies to companies that want to fill their team’s skills gaps without having to conduct an additional recruitment process. We will help you identify your needs and select the right specialists.

As you can see, IT outsourcing will work well in many different industries, including:


wholesale and retail


production and storage

financial and HR

What can you gain by choosing IT outsourcing?

Support in decision-making processes by providing IT facilities in the form of project managers and consultants with years of experience
Body and Team leasing, i.e. temporary rental of IT specialists or teams of specialists
Audit projects and implement improvements with the support of testers, developers and programmers

IT Outsourcing – comprehensive provision of projects or specialists forspecific tasks

If you opt for IT Outsourcing at FutureCode, you will first of all gain a comprehensive answer to your project needs. We provide a transparent process of cooperation, which often includes hiring an entire team to implement a specific project from A to Z. We also provide specialists with specific competencies as support in the implementation of selected project tasks.

We can divide IT outsourcing for companies at FutureCode into the following stages:


Initial consultation with the client


Audit projects and clarify scope of expectations


Report preparation and estimation


Choosing the right specialists


Comprehensive implementation of a project or specific tasks


Process support and feedback


Completion of the project


Assist in the continuing cycle of software development and maintenance

IT & Software CompaniesWe Helped

Discover how we helped companies just like yours optimize their sales processes. See what they did to attract and close high-value software development projects and clients.

Thanks to FutureCode’s professional and businesslike approach, we were able to complete and then develop our platform within the planned timeframe. The company has demonstrated its commitment and solid know-how.
FutureCode offered us a strong commitment to the project, backed by solid experience and professionalism. The cooperation was successful, the solution was delivered as required.
We recommend working with FutureCode to outsource and support the recruitment process. By partnering with FutureCode, we filled recruitment gaps in current projects and accelerated team expansion.
FutureCode is a reliable business partner. We recommend their recruitment support and outsourcing services. During the course of the cooperation, FutureCode has demonstrated considerable know-how in this area.

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