What is body leasing and why is it mistakenly associated with outsourcing? Body leasing is a method of hiring a qualified employee without the need for a time-consuming and often costly recruitment process. Want more details? Read the following article.

Body Leasing – what is it?

Body leasing is the literal “rental of an employee” for a specific period of time, during which he or she is engaged only in a selected project to, for example, improve the company’s performance. In the case of outsourcing, one buys an entire service, such as the development of an application, based on terms and conditions that are predetermined in the contract. So is it worth it to use the Body Leasing service?

Why might Body Leasing be a better option than employment?

Nowadays, Body Leasing may be a better option than employment because:

– does not require the creation of a new workstation, and therefore minimizes the costs associated with completing paperwork and buying new equipment, for example,

– is characterized by the absence of personnel obligations to the hired employee,

– provides greater flexibility,

– makes it possible to quickly obtain an employee on the basis of a simple procedure and no recruitment process,

– The entrepreneur is a recipient of services – he hires a worker for a predetermined fee, under certain conditions, but is not responsible for his employment.

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Collaboration with Software House – Body Leasing fills skills gaps

The most important advantage of IT Staff Augmentation, also known as Body Leasing with Software House, is that it closes the skills gap, a common phenomenon that can significantly impact a company’s operations. What is this common phenomenon and what does IT Staff Augmentation have to do with it? A competency gap can affect a company at different stages of its operation.

It occurs when more changes are made to the company, the team is expanded, new markets are entered, or when an employee decides to leave the company. Integrating software house body leasing into the equation can effectively mitigate this challenge by providing access to specialized skills and expertise on demand.

The way to avoid such situations is to prevent it by choosing Body Leasing from Software House. The following criteria should be considered when targeting the competency gap:

– Verification of the employee’s competence according to current needs; it is best to analyze the changes taking place in the organization,

– Verification and evaluation of the facts; leaders should regularly monitor and evaluate the changing level of individual competencies, using available HR tools and employee platforms,

– Conduct internal and external recruitment processes more frequently.

Software House Body Leasing will safely allow you to augment your existing team with the competence of a specialist who will not only enrich the project with new ideas, but, above all, has experience backed by work in diverse areas. Software house Body Leasing will work great when you know what competencies are missing in your enterprise.

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What else will you gain by opting for Body Leasing IT?

By opting for Body Leasing IT, you can quickly enrich your team with a specialist whose high competence will increase the efficiency of your project work. It can be either a soft skills person or a technical person. Body Leasing IT provides incredible flexibility – you don’t have to hire a specialist permanently, but only for one project of your choice. Additionally, you can add to your team with specialists skilled in building tech teams. What else will you gain by choosing Body Leasing IT?

1. Body Leasing is a guarantee that you will get a proven candidate available at the time of your choice without a recruitment process. We ensure speed of operation and high scalability.

2 Body Leasing combines two key features – stability and employment flexibility. “Hired” specialist, who has specific competencies confirmed by documentation, engages in the selected project and follows a specific procedure adopted during its implementation. The client is interested in paying for a qualified employee without having to deal with the formalities of hiring him, e.g., issues of granting leave, calculating wages.

3. Body Leasing provides project continuity when your team needs support, but there is no need to hire a full-time employee. Such a solution will optimize costs.

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Smooth project implementation and comprehensive service

Body Leasing is very popular in the IT and marketing industries – including online. Companies implementing various projects with modern digital technologies also eagerly use the IT body leasing service. Interestingly, Body Leasing is increasingly being embraced by public offices.

Body Leasing features:

– effective selection of candidates, you do not choose a specialist among hundreds of submitted resumes,

– A detailed pre-verification of the selected candidate, which minimizes the risk of a mismatch with your project; experience, motivation, personality traits, among other things, are checked,

– The ability to quickly find a specialist in narrow areas.

In addition, Body Leasing will provide your company, more effective and efficient specialists, which will translate into less time and satisfaction of the target audience.


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