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We know how to sell software development and IT services. Take advantage of our STARS sales process analysis method, leverage proven structure and processes, and start closing more deals.

The software development industry isundergoing a massive change.

Potential clients are cutting down their investment budgets while employee costs are skyrocketing. Good projects are harder to come by than ever before. More and more competitors bid for those that are available, driving prices up and your chance of success down. 

As existing projects get put on hold or scrapped altogether, just having a network is no longer enough to grow. In many cases, it may not even be enough to survive. If you want to thrive in this changing economy, you need to start selling.


If you don't have a sales team -you want to build one.

And if you have one, but it doesn’t give you the results you want – you want to give that team the tools, and the know-how that’ll help them start closing sales. You need a proven sales process that takes into consideration your industry, clients, and the market in which you operate.  

The latter is especially important if you want to sell to enterprise clients or expand your operations internationally. And creating that team and building those processes is where we can help you.  Whether you want to create a sales team from scratch, improve the efficiency (and close rate) of an existing team, or enter a whole new market… we’ve got the know-how and experience you need to succeed. 

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Work with Sales Professionals with Years of Experience in Software Development Sales.

Jakub has spent the last 20 years selling software development and IT services, as well as building IT sales teams. His work helped many teams in the IT industry secure hundreds of deals (including enterprise software projects) and earn thousands in new and recurring revenue.  He understands every step of the sales process and knows what makes the IT industry unique. 

Having worked in B2B sales with both medium-sized and enterprise clients, he knows what makes selling IT services and software development different – and what you need to do to close deals. As our chief sales consultant and expert, he’ll guide your company through every step of the cooperation. His role is to take your business from the initial analysis to the implementation of proven processes. To do that, he’ll help you create a sales strategy aimed at growing your business.

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Who Is OurIT Sales Consulting for?

For Software Houses and IT Companies That Want to:

Build a High-Performing Sales Team

Companies that relied on their network and that now need to build a sales team from scratch. Businesses that need help setting up processes, structure, and scaling their teams.

Manage Their IT Sales Team Effectively

Companies with existing sales teams that want to optimize their operations and scale. Those that need help training, managing, and implementing the right tech stack for their growing sales teams.

Expand Into Foreign Markets

Companies that need a go-to-market strategy to expand into high-value markets such as Germany. Those that have already expanded and that now find it hard to manage two markets at the same time.

How Can We Help YouSell More?

Learn more about our core sales services. Pick the one that helps you move towards your business goals.

Sales Team Building

Are you in a situation where all your leads and projects come from your network? In desperate need of a sales team? Or maybe you tried setting up a team for selling software development services but couldn’t wrap your head around hiring salespeople… or finding the best way to structure their pay and commissions?  After all, finding the right candidates and hiring them is just the first step. To succeed, you want your salespeople to work as a team toward achieving a common goal. We help businesses just like yours build effective sales teams. This includes planning your sales strategy and building a sales pipeline that fits your particular situation, service, and target audience.

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Sales Training & Acceleration

Did you know that 1 in 4 sales reps believes their training is insufficient? What’s more, there’s a big disconnect between the skills most managers want their sales team to have and the skills their customers expect from them.  This is especially true in B2B sales. Which is often a long, demanding, and exhaustive process. Years of experience in both B2B sales and software development have taught us how to sell software development and IT services. We’ll help you find and fix your team’s weak spots and give them the skills your audience expects them to have. The skills they need to keep growing your business and close more clients with confidence. And, most importantly, accelerate your software sales and growth.

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Sales Team Scaling

Building a sales team is the first step toward growth. Once that team starts growing, you want to make sure it’s ready to scale together with your business. But. that’s where many sales teams fail. First, not every salesperson is a good manager. Often, those who know how to sell fail at managing growing teams in fast-paced environments. Moreover, growing teams often need different processes and structures compared to the ones they’re used to. A structure and processes that can sustain growth. If you have a team but believe you’re lacking the structure or sales processes your sales team needs to scale (or close those enterprise sales deals), we can help you out.  Give your team the exact tools they need to sustain growth and scale. Help them attract, qualify, and close software development leads with ease.

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CRM Consulting & Sales Technology Implementation

A CRM is no longer just used to manage leads and move them between the different stages of a sales funnel. When implemented correctly, it becomes the central part of your sales tech stack. With the right setup, configuration, and training, it can give you a huge competitive edge. Get a system that helps you close sales and build successful long-term customer relationships. One that’s aligned with your services, sales process structure, and business goals. Make it a part of your day-to-day sales stack. Train your team to use it effectively and increase their efficiency and close rate.

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Expand Your Software and IT Services Into a Foreign Market

Ready to skyrocket your ROI per project and tap into the lucrative foreign markets? Let us prepare your company for the expansion. Tap into our experience of working in key foreign markets. Avoid the most common mistakes software development companies make when they expand. Discover key things you need to enter the most attractive markets successfully: 

  • What’s the #1 reason why software houses and IT companies fail when entering the German market?
  • What makes Scandinavian markets different?
  • Is the French market worth it – and what do you need to do to get a piece of it?

Save thousands on experimenting and trying to figure things out by yourself. Get the structure, processes, and strategy you need to win in a new market without neglecting your existing network and clients. Build trust, attract leads, and close high-quality leads in Europe’s key markets for software development.

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Sales Enablement

Is your sales team struggling to close deals because they don’t have the right resources and support? Or maybe you’re finding it difficult to keep your sales team up to date on the latest sales tools and strategies? Empower your software sales team and help sell software development services to your target audience and achieve their goals. We’ll work closely with your sales team to identify their unique needs and develop a tailored sales enablement strategy that meets your business objectives. Whether you need help with onboarding new hires, refreshing the skills of your existing sales team, or preparing them to sell a new software development service – we’ve got you covered. 

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Why Our ITSales Consulting & Optimization Services?


Get Ready to Scale

Scaling a sales team requires a different structure and processes compared to having just 1 or 2 salespeople onboard. Give your sales team the skills, processes, and tech stack they need to grow together with your business.

Focus on Key Elements

Getting too many leads that you can’t close or that don’t fit your buyer persona? We can help you find and fix the problems that make your sales process inefficient.


To sell software development and IT services, you need a unique mix of processes, skills, and know-how. When working with us, you can be 100% sure we give you the know-how and processes used to sell services just like yours.

An In-House Needs Analysis Method

Our experience in the IT industry allowed us to develop a unique STARS needs analysis method. We use it to analyze your current situation over a 3 to 12-month period and come up with a solution and strategy.

Focus on Long-Term Relationships

Quick wins are important - but we look at every project long-term. Our goal is to help you set up processes and a structure that you can use to keep acquiring clients and maintain growth

A Custom-Tailored Solution

We know industry best practices - but we tailor every solution to our client’s unique mix of the offer, target audience, and industry they’re operating in. To do that, we take advantage of our 5-step STARS Method.

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Ready to Take Your Sales to the Next Level? Meet the STARS Method

Every client comes to us with different needs. But, to fully understand them, we need to first analyze your current situation, existing problems, and look for opportunities. That’s why every success story starts with an in-depth Sales Needs Analysis. But, to make the analysis successful and take your tech services sales to the next level, you need the right framework. An action plan. A blueprint. That’s where our in-house STARS analysis method comes in. The analysis consists of 5 different steps and takes anywhere between 1 to 2 months (depending on the size of your company). During the STARS analysis, we strive to become a part of your company. This allows us to better understand your processes, what’s working, and what needs to be improved.

Situational Analysis.

In this step, we look at your product, audience, and closest competitors. We then analyze your current sales team structure (if you have one), internal processes, and tech stack. We also dive deep into the strengths and weaknesses of your current sales strategy. If you’re planning to enter a new market, our analysis will take that into consideration.


Next, we also analyze key threats that you’re facing right now. What’s the #1 thing in your sales process that needs to be fixed right now? We analyze the actions of your sales team to see where you’re losing potential customers. We also try to find the key reasons why your current sales strategy isn’t working.


Next, we sit down and look at your long-term goals. Where do you want your company to be in a year, five, or ten? How do you measure success and progress? We also look for existing opportunities that you can take advantage of. Together, we search for the so-called quick wins that can help you get on track and closer to your goals.


Of course, getting to those goals requires implementing recommended changes. Every big change comes with a set of risks. Once we know where you want to get to, we look at the risks associated with those changes. What can we do to minimize them? Do you need a bigger sales team? A better sales structure? What can you do to get your business ready for growth?

Solutions & Strategy.

This is where we put it all together. At the end of the 1 - 2 months analysis, you get a specific set of recommendations of what you need to add, what should be changed or scrapped, and what’s working great.
Should be changed or scrapped, and what’s working great. What’s important is that we don’t just leave you with a list of things you should do. We give you a cost and time estimation of what it’d take to implement the changes. If that suits you, we can then stay and move your company through the entire process. This means that we don’t just find what needs to be changed. Rather, we stay and work to transform your entire software house. We help you implement all the changes you need to improve your company’s sales processes, become more competitive, and start getting more sales. Ready to get started? Schedule a call to see if you qualify for our IT Sales Consulting Service.

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