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The first stage of cooperation is first and foremost a conversation. This allows us to understand the specifics of your industry and define your project needs. Based on the information gained, we choose the right technologies to help you get to the designated place on the map of business development. Once the solutions are approved, we move on to project implementation.

How do we select technologies?

Business objectives

Technologies tailored to the company’s growth plan – solutions for now or ready to bear the weight of scaling the business.


Technologies to maintain the best possible price/quality ratio.

Type of project

Technologies to ensure the highest efficiency and tailored to the type of IT solution being designed.


Solutions to reduce the risk of data leakage and cyber attacks.

Select the subject of the project
and check out the technologies

Web applications


Mobile and desktop applications


UX/UI design

Web applications

We develop web applications in accordance with changing trends and rapidly developing technologies. We make sure that each project meets the requirements and criteria of UX/UI. We use solutions that allow you to create a responsive web application with an emphasis on functionality, security and stability of systems.

Among the technologies we use appear the Ruby on Rails framework, Node.js, Django or Flask. For interactive applications, we introduce frontend frameworks: React and Angular.


Databases are the core technologies on which almost every software related to query processing is based. The right facilities will give you a competitive edge over other companies. We work with both NoSQL databases and popular SQL engines.

Mobile and desktop applications

At FutureCode, we implement the project in the area of both window (desktop) and mobile application development. The main technology we work with is Microsoft.NET. Our specialists program in C# and Visual Basic languages. Native applications, on the other hand, are developed with React Native, using Java, Kotlin and Swift.


E-commerce stores are now the standard. Almost every stationary store has an online counterpart. Many entrepreneurs build their business exclusively in the virtual world. We work on popular engines such as Magento, WooCommerce and Shopify. We always make the necessary modifications configurations and integrations for our customers.

UX/UI design

We try to customize each project both visually and functionally. Therefore, our specialists create not only software, but also take care of design. During UX/UI design, we use technologies such as: Figma, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD

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