Many companies are not able to realize their full potential. Among other things, it is internal barriers that inhibit the natural growth of companies and prevent them from scaling. Business consulting combined with the implementation of IT goals is the key to properly building a strong brand. Check out its benefits and how to discover business hotspots.



Is classic business consulting enough?

While classic business consulting is helpful for many business challenges, it may not be enough in some situations. For example, if a company is facing infrastructure or IT systems challenges, classic business consulting may fail to address the problems due to a lack of the necessary technical expertise. To get valuable tips, it is advisable to use experts in the new technology industry.

The answer to the needs of such clients is not classical business consulting alone, but its combination with the support of specialists in the IT area and through the provision of appropriate technologies. This way you get the help of specialists with specific knowledge and experience in the area of a particular technology. Classic business consulting may not effectively meet individual client needs the way professional IT consulting does. It also happens to be insufficient in the sectors responsible for informatization and modern technology.

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What is IT consulting really?

Business consulting in IT combines classic consulting with practice, guidance and support for enterprises or organizations in the field of modern technology. IT consultants work with clients to assess their IT needs, recommend solutions, help implement and then manage them. Security, data management, cloud computing, bridging skills gaps and software development are among the areas that specialists can support.

Business consulting combined with the experience of IT experts is a broad cross-section of knowledge about the functioning of processes and systems in companies. It helps to develop the company in many aspects where classic solutions prove unreliable. Among other things, it provides support in digital transformation and the implementation of changes to existing technological processes. The service also helps develop IT departments.

IT consulting can be a useful resource for companies or organizations that do not have an in-house team or need expertise in a specific area. In such a situation, classic business consulting will not meet their expectations. Consultants can help clients make informed decisions about their IT infrastructure and systems, as well as provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure the smooth operation of these systems.

There are many different types of consulting firms – from small, specialized companies to large ones offering a full range of services. Some IT consultants may also work as freelancers, applying their expertise to multiple projects. The task of business consulting is primarily to detect errors and find ways to solve them.


Combination of business consulting & IT

Some consulting firms offer only classic business consulting or IT consulting services. In such a case, there is a risk that the customer will not receive comprehensive assistance and will have to use several different companies. So it is worthwhile to carefully analyze your needs and challenges before deciding to work with a new business partner.

Combining business consulting with the knowledge of specialists in the area of new technologies can give tangible results for the development of the company, as it allows the selection of dedicated software and automation of work. Such measures aim to make work more efficient, reduce the cost of running the company and increase the quality of project implementation.

All of these factors have a direct impact on increasing the efficiency of the team, and thus the company’s profits. The combination of business consulting and IT is a one-stop solution that will address the needs of companies seeking innovation.

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How do we diagnose the barriers to your business?

As part of FutureCode’s offering, our clients can count on comprehensive business consulting combined with the experience and knowledge of experts in the IT field. It consists of several stages.

1 We start our cooperation with an initial consultation. As part of the discussions, we define the terms of cooperation and establish the most important information.

2 The next step is to analyze the company’s processes and identify all pain points, competency gaps and potential improvements. At this stage, we diagnose any barriers to development through an in-depth study.

3. After analyzing the company’s processes, we proceed to prepare the report and estimation. Business consulting is entering its next phase. The conclusions gathered during the study will allow us to work effectively on improving the hot spots.

4 The next step is to take steps to improve the company’s processes. Each of the changes is transparent and based on feedback. If the processes have been successfully streamlined, then we can consider the project complete.


Evaluating the company’s performance, or analysis of the existing situation

Business consultants can implement a variety of tools and techniques to assess company performance, including financial analysis, market research, customer surveys and benchmarking. It is not uncommon for specialists to also interview employees, managers and other stakeholders to gather additional insights and learn new perspectives. Business consulting can take many forms, but it must always aim to improve processes and learn key lessons.

Once the assessment is complete, the consultants present their findings and conclusions to the company’s leadership team. These recommendations may include strategies to improve efficiency, expand into new markets or increase profits. Consultants can also work with the company to develop a plan to implement the recommendations and track progress over a specific period of time. Business consulting in the IT industry must be based on facts and proposals for solving the problem.

In the case of the business consultation offered by FutureCode, the assessment is based on analyzing the selected IT solutions and finding ways to improve productivity with their help. Just being aware of the company’s weaknesses and capabilities gives you a lot of leeway for possible changes and scaling the company in the future.


The effects of business & IT consulting? Business strategy based on modern technologies

In the digital age, it is difficult to overestimate the impact of technology on the operation of today’s brands. It is the information systems that determine the selection of the appropriate business model and work organization. The right software influences customer satisfaction and the efficiency of carrying out individual activities.

Business consulting combined with the knowledge of experts in the field of new technologies is a practice that improves the company in many of its sectors. A well-chosen IT background can optimize logistics, accounting, trading, finance and HR. The benefits of information systems can be enjoyed not only by companies in the technology industry, but also by others – regardless of the scope of services provided or the type of products sold. Check out our offer and see how we can help you achieve new goals. Business consulting is a milestone towards development.


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