UX design, in the simplest terms, is about user experience design. It’s a process that involves enhancing a potential customer’s satisfaction with the purchase/use of a particular product, such as a mobile app. UX designers strive to make products and services user-friendly.



UX/UI design – what do users pay attention to?

Incorporating UX/UI design into the process of creating user-friendly software is not just about using specific tools and state-of-the-art techniques. It is based primarily on a mindset focused on the needs of users at each stage of the project.

In UX design, a thorough needs analysis and a well-executed product design in terms of UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) are essential. Let’s take the user interface as an example, since it’s the first thing we pay attention to when using the application. If it is pleasant, simple and also eye-catching, it makes the software easier to use. Remember that appearance is not everything, but only a component.

The user should not have any problems while using the application. So you need to focus on good User Experience design so that operating the various functions found in the application is not a problem.

UX design: step by step

UX user experience design focuses on how a user feels when interacting with an application or any interface. Excellent UX is crucial because it affects customer engagement and brand loyalty.

Let’s focus on how to provide the best possible user experience using UX design. We will present the analysis in a few key steps.

1. get to know user personae.

Personae are fictional characters who, during User Experience design, act as representatives of the various users who will use the application in the future. Working with personas is extremely important in user experience design, as it helps in product development: from identifying user problems, to selecting the most important features to include in the prototype, and finally to evaluating the finished product.

2. plot skeletal models so-called. wireframes.

Wireframing helps the team create a plotted visual sample of what the finished product will look and function like. Creating such a clickable feature cuff helps illustrate how the user will use it. It also shows what difficulties it may encounter and what still needs to be worked on before the application can be used without the average viewer. This assessment of functionality is of great importance in user experience design.

3 Get a complete picture of the application with a customer journey map (CJM).

Customer Journey Map is a way to visually represent the steps a customer takes before, during and after using a service. This virtual walkthrough in user experience design helps determine how customers will interact with the designed application and what to improve to make their satisfaction even higher. The knowledge gained during the third step of UX design allows the implementation of the next, more complicated stages of work.


Designy, or UI design: the key to impressing the user

It is impossible to list all aspects, but we can include among these the most important features of the application:

– Colors in UX design can facilitate navigation, encourage users to perform certain actions, such as setting a hierarchy of activities on the screen,

– graphics and images to help convey content, specify and make it easy to navigate,

– CTA (Call to Action) icons and buttons or check boxes,

– forms that allow data entry,

– Determine font sizes that allow users to freely consume content, but are also a component of a consistent identity.

What is most important when it comes to UX/UI design?

In UX design, the interface is important because it is responsible for establishing communication with the user. If it is underspecified, communication is interrupted. A well-crafted interface design increases user engagement, and often turns visitors or customers using a free trial period into buyers.


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Why pay attention to UX/UI design?

UX and UI design can bring a lot of benefits to your company. Among other things, it can help:

– increase sales – customers are more likely to buy a product or service that meets their needs,

– influence customer satisfaction – UX design provides your customers with engaging content and intuitive navigation. Satisfied recipients will recommend the app to others,

– increase competitiveness – UX design makes customers more loyal to your brand than a competing brand if the product meets their needs,

– get savings of your time and money – thanks to UX design, the product will not require frequent updates that generate large costs.



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