Wanting to create a cross-platform application, it is worth basing it on a framework that makes it as easy as possible. One of the most widely recommended is Flutter, created by Google. This SDK runs under an open source license, and you can learn more about it just from this article.



What is Flutter?

With a cross-platform environment, developing hybrid applications has become much easier. Designing a mobile application with the help of Flutter is based on a single code, which makes the work much easier. In addition, the product features high performance and adaptation to both iOS and Android. Without a doubt, this is one of Flutter’s greatest strengths.

Using Flutter, you will create:

– software,

– mobile app,

– augmented reality,

– mobile games.

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What makes Flutter hybrid applications different?

In fact, hybrid applications created with Flutter are deceptively similar to native applications. Suppliers are also eager to use this solution because of its ability to streamline already finished products.

In addition to these advantages, the speed of user interface development and unlimited possibilities are also worth mentioning. This allows you to get Flutter hybrid applications ready much faster than classic native products tailored to a single system.

Flutter allows you to create powerful applications running on platforms such as iOS or Android. This paves the way for more users.

Flutter’s hybrid applications are thus distinguished primarily by their performance and agility. Currently, the framework from Google has become one of the most popular for developing cross-platform mobile applications.


Do Flutter hybrid applications carry risks?

Some are concerned about updating the system and integrating the Flutter application into it. However, they will adapt to the new system requirements. Flutter is now also being used to develop web and desktop applications.

Each of the mentioned solutions receives support available in beta for Windows and alpha for macOS. In addition, Flutter’s hybrid apps can support device functions such as camera, location and memory.

If you are looking for a solution that will allow the product to scale as your business grows, Flutter hybrid applications, will also be a good solution for you from the perspective of your business goals.

As you can see, this solution has many benefits, and the support and continuous development of the framework helps reduce the risk to a minimum. However, there are disadvantages to this solution, which are also advantages. One code tailored for multiple platforms can cause problems in implementing solutions dedicated to one of them. However, nothing is impossible. In this case, two branches of code must be modified to implement the match for a single application, which will be more time-consuming than editing a single branch for products developed for a single platform.

In addition, there may be a problem finding and hiring specialists fluent in Dart, as it is still classified as a niche language. Nevertheless, as your business partner, we will provide you with the support of some of the best developers who specialize in Flutter hybrid application development.

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Known Flutter applications

You may be surprised by what you are about to read – the following applications were created right in Flutter! They are used by millions of users, which speaks for itself – it is worth taking an interest in this very environment!

– Groupon – the part created for sellers as well as customers were created using Flutter;

– Alibaba – is one of the largest providers of E-commerce services. A powerful web application was created in the described framework, among other things, thanks to the ability to create a clear UX/UI format. Besides, Flutter was chosen for its ease of updating, which is not insignificant in the E-commerce industry;

– Philips Hue – is an application designed to control lighting in smart homes. Philips decided to create two separate apps for controlling light intensity – Hue Sync and Hue Bluetooth. It turned out that Flutter was a perfect fit with the company’s goals, and that’s probably why the brand decided to create solutions using this very environment back in 2008;

– Google Pay – the product premiered in India. It is currently used by nearly 70 million users, and the payment system currently handles nearly $10 billion. As you can see, Flutter also works well in the financial sector;

– KenKen – is an app associated with the New York Times. It provides a collection of puzzle games – mainly number puzzles at different levels. It is one of the most widely used mobile apps for Android devices.

As you can see, hybrid applications created with Flutter are very popular and some of us use them on a daily basis. If you want to combine software functionality and performance with your business goals, this solution will meet your needs. The framework enables the development of multifunctional hybrid applications in Dart and C++. Do you have an idea for an innovative solution? You are welcome to attend consultations. Together we will create Flutter hybrid applications that will revolutionize the world of technology.


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