Developers often wonder how to use Google Play and how to add an application to the platform. Learn about the requirements for software developers and step-by-step instructions for adding an application to your online store. Learn the rules of Google Play, how to add an app, and much more!



Google Play app requirements

Both Alpha and Beta tracks must meet certain requirements in Google Play. How do I add an application to get it approved? First of all, stick to the initial rules. They read as follows:

– publishing the first version of the application should take place in a production environment,

– for developers, it is necessary to set up a developer account to go through the various steps,

– API and App Center account are required,

– Google’s application signature configuration is also a requirement to publish the .abb package to Android.

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Google Play technical guidelines – how to add an application?

The answer to the question of how to add an application to Google Play is the guidelines, which are described in detail on the Microsoft website. For the implementation of the project, it is necessary to connect the Google Play console to the Google API. Setting up clients, configuring the app’s signature and creating a connection to the Google store in the app center are also key. It is especially important to check that the designs are functional for users and that the content in them is not restricted.

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Google Play app version and size

It’s no secret that smaller apps install faster and are used by more users. Therefore, an important part of the effort is to monitor and optimize the size of the target application. With the Play console, app developers can check system sizes during download and use. Monitoring the size of the app as it runs allows you to find areas for improvement, as well as compare its size to that of other apps in the Google Play store. How to add an application properly?

We recommend using tools such as the Android App Bundle, which optimizes APK files to the needs of the device. Play Feature Delivery can be useful to reduce the installation package.


Checklist: What should a developer provide before posting an app?

Before figuring out how to add an app to Google Play, it’s worth making a checklist. Before publishing the work, the developer should comply with the changes effective November 1, 2022. Among the requirements is Flag Secure, which is the inclusion of a flag to hide sensitive data from unauthorized parties. Another new feature is the VPN service, a base class that gives you the ability to create your own solutions using VPN. When it comes to Google Play documents and how to add an app, the key document is the Developer Distribution Agreement.


How to add an app to Google Play? Step by step

Many developers are wondering how to add an app to Google Play. Operation of the platform is not complicated. Here are the various steps that will allow you to include the software in your store’s inventory.


1. create a developer account on Google Play

The first step is to create a Google developer account. To publish your app in the Google store, you must pay a fee of $25. The fee is a one-time payment and entitles you to take further action.


2 Include a description of the application

Then add a short description, a long description and the title of the application. Texts should contain specific information about the system and be concise. It is recommended that the application name should not exceed 30 characters, the short description should not exceed 80 characters, the full description should not exceed 4000 characters. Descriptions should reflect the essence of the project.


3. include marketing materials

At this stage, it is required to include the application icon, screenshots and function graphics. It is very important that the visual forms are engaging and make the application stand out from the competition. Graphics should be made in the right size.


4. complete the questionnaire

The fourth step is to set an age limit. To complete this task, log into Google Play Developer Console and fill out the questionnaire. It is worth mentioning that applications without age restrictions may be blocked. Once the age limit is set, add a privacy policy to inform users about the protection of their data.


5. upload the file on Google Play

How to use Google Play and how to add an app? Sharing the software requires uploading the file in APK or ABB format. There is a lot of talk about Google moving to the ABB format, which is smaller and easier to download. This fact is worth keeping in mind, as there are many indications that ABB will soon completely replace the APK format.


6 Wait for the applications to pass moderation.

The final stage of adding an application is moderation. From now on, everything is in the hands of administrators, who must approve the application. If the software passes the moderation phase, it will be available on the Google Play store within the next few hours.


Summary: Adding the app to Google Play

Do you already know how to add an app to Google Play? The platform will help you find new audiences and promote your product. If you want to outsource the development of dedicated software that will gain recognition in the Google Play store, choose a trusted partner. Future Code is a company with experience that successfully implements business web projects. With a comprehensive team, we offer consulting and advisory services in the IT industry. Our experience will help you achieve the set goals.


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