As technology advances, software development becomes more intricate. Companies grapple with handling large real-time data volumes and adapting to users’ changing needs. 

Seeking help from an experienced external software development company seems like the right move. However, when exploring the various outsourcing options, making a choice can be overwhelming.

Here are 10 benefits of offshoring software development in Poland, and why it’s the best solution for your needs: 

benefits of offshoring software development

1. Quality Developers

When considering skilled developers who are adaptable, committed, and proficient, Poland stands out as a suitable destination. According to HackerRank, Polish developers consistently rank among the top three globally for their abilities.

HackerRank’s evaluation method focuses on coding challenges measuring speed and accuracy, highlighting Poland’s programmers with an impressive score of 98 out of 100. 

Additionally, Polish developers excel in international programming competitions like Google Code Jam, Microsoft Imagine Cup, the Central European Programming Contest (CEPC), and TopCoder, showcasing their reputation as some of the world’s finest programmers. 

2. Broad Pool of Talents

Poland stands as a significant destination for tech talent, leading in Central and Eastern Europe, as per a survey by Infoshare using Stack Overflow data. The country hosts nearly 80% of its developers across seven major tech cities: Warsaw, Cracow, Wroclaw, Katowice, Poznan, Gdansk, and Lodz, each with at least 10 thousand developers. 

Within Poland’s IT sector, IT services show the fastest growth, with software development is predicted to increase by 2.8% annually. This growth is supported by a mix of startups, entrepreneurs, and established firms, which benefit from the growing digital infrastructure and further attract global businesses seeking outsourcing opportunities. 

Poland has gained recognition for its software development expertise, becoming a sought-after spot for tech investments and startups in Europe. The CEO of STX Next, Europe’s largest Python software development firm, cites that the IT sector is contributing about 8% to the country’s GDP and employing over 430,000 professionals, further emphasizing the ample talent pool available in the Polish market.

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3. Huge Volume of Companies

Poland stands as a thriving hub for software development companies and IT professionals. With over 50,000 such companies, including 800 specializing in software development outsourcing, the industry has seen significant growth, with more than half emerging after 2011. 

The local IT sector employs 430,000 specialists, and the number continues to rise with the graduation of approximately 11,000 IT students every year. In 2022, Poland’s largest IT companies alone generated sales revenue of almost $1,500 million, contributing to a total of 63,058 software development companies, up 6% from 2021. 

For over two decades, Poland has maintained a strong position in the software development market, now reaching a substantial size of $9.14 billion in 2022, ranking 7th among 26 EU countries.

4. Location

Poland, located in the heart of Europe, is conveniently close to major financial centers like London, Paris, and Frankfurt, offering easy flights to these cities and others. Most European countries share similar time zones with Poland, differing by at most 2 hours. 

When dealing with the United States, the time difference with Poland typically ranges around 6 hours, depending on the specific city. This strategic location and aligned time zones make Poland easily accessible and facilitate smooth communication and collaboration across different countries.

5. Partnership

Poland’s EU membership ensures stable and reliable collaborations with specialists and software development companies. This affiliation is particularly beneficial for startups, guaranteeing compliance with EU regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to safeguard client data during partnerships with Poland. 

Major cities like Krakow offer special economic zones with tax exemptions, supporting the growth of the IT industry. The Polish government also extends various forms of support to tech companies, including tax relief for research and development, financial incentives, and investments in STEM education to cultivate a skilled workforce.

6. Knowledge of Product and Project Development

When you engage a software development team in Poland, you get access to a range of skilled professionals like engineers, technical consultants, and business analysts. These experts are well-versed in various aspects of technology, from web and mobile development to full-stack solutions like CRMS and SaaS.

According to the Business Services Sector in Poland 2022, SQL, Java, JavaScript, and Python are the most common languages used among Polish IT professionals, showcasing their adeptness in these commonly used languages. 

One of the reasons behind the strong reputation of Polish outsourcing teams is their experience across different industries. This broad expertise enables them to handle diverse tasks and craft efficient, high-quality products tailored to the specific needs of various clients.

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7. Innovation

Poland is increasingly becoming a hub for innovation and startups, drawing attention not just locally but also worldwide. Cities like Warsaw, Kraków, and Wrocław offer numerous spaces for collaboration and growth such as coworking spots, startup incubators, and accelerators. 

The government’s support through incentives and funding further enhances the startup culture. According to the Global Innovation Index 2022, Poland ranks 38th among digital nations, with Krakow standing out among the top 20 cities in digital innovation. Several notable startups have come from this landscape:

  • Brainly

An online learning platform connecting millions of users globally, recognized with awards like the Red Herring Top 100 Europe.

  • Booksy

A mobile app facilitating appointments with beauty and wellness professionals, serving users across 100 countries.

  • Infermedica

A health-tech startup providing AI-driven healthcare solutions for patients and healthcare providers, with prominent clients like Allianz and Microsoft.

  • DocPlanner

An online healthcare booking platform connecting millions of patients with healthcare professionals across multiple countries.

  • Ramp

A Warsaw-based platform enabling fiat-cryptocurrency exchange with significant financial backing.’

These startups showcase Poland’s tech progress as well as the innovative and entrepreneurial landscape, perfectly suited to grow the IT sector even further.

8. Experience

Poland’s diverse startup scene and strong digital setup have attracted major corporations from Western Europe and the US to shift significant operations to outsourcing hubs like Warsaw, Wroclaw, Krakow, and the Silesia region. 

Big players like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google have set up research and development (R&D) facilities in Poland, boosting the country’s IT industry. Some key hubs include Warsaw with R&D centers for Samsung and Microsoft, Wroclaw hosting Nokia, Google, and IBM, Krakow home to CISCO, Google, Fujitsu, UBS, and Motorola centers, and Katowice housing offices for Kroll and Hyland. 

With global IT leaders like Microsoft, Google, Oracle, Cisco, and Intel establishing their R&D centers in Poland, the country has become a notable destination for tech innovation and development. This further showcases the capabilities of developers in Poland, who have rich experience through working with these internationally renowned organizations. 

9. Language

Poland ranks 13th among European countries for English proficiency, according to EF EPI 2023. This means most Polish software developers are well-prepared to collaborate with foreign clients without language barriers. 

Over 14 million Poles out of a population of nearly 38 million are fluent in English, placing Poland in the top 20 globally for English proficiency. This fluency is nurtured through education, daily exposure to foreign projects, and extracurricular activities.

Warsaw, specifically, leads in English language proficiency among Central and Eastern European cities, according to Statista’s 2022 index. This strong command of English makes Poland an ideal choice for seamless communication and collaboration on an international level.

10. Culture

Polish professionals share a Western mindset in both cultural and business practices. Unlike larger cultural gaps seen in places like India or China, Polish developers align closely with those from the US or Europe. 

Any minor differences in norms typically don’t significantly impact Polish business teams. With 14 years in the European Union, Poland has embraced Western approaches, making it well-suited for collaborations with Western clients. 

Reviews on platforms like Clutch highlight positive traits of Polish software engineers: reliability, honesty, professionalism, strong communication, meeting deadlines, solving complex issues innovatively, and utilizing the latest technologies. This cultural similarity and professionalism make Polish teams dependable partners for businesses in Western settings.

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When considering which country to look at when offshoring software development services, Poland seems like an obvious choice. 

Poland has gained worldwide recognition as a leading IT outsourcing destination within Europe. The local IT environment is steadily growing, and Polish software development teams are establishing a reputation for embracing advanced technology, maintaining high business ethics, and providing an innovative environment. 

No matter the complexity, businesses can count on Polish developers to deliver high-quality solutions to meet their specific needs.

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