Today, the Internet has become a major source of information, a place to work and establish business relationships. Not surprisingly, apps have become an integral part of many business strategies. Business owners, start-ups and entrepreneurs are increasingly choosing to create a web or mobile application to reach their customers in a modern way. One of the most important factors to pay attention to is the price of creating the application. In this article, we will consider how much it costs to develop an application and what affects the cost of a web application.



The cost of a web application

There is no clear answer to the question of how much it costs to create an app. The specific price depends on the specifications of the project. The cheapest application that meets the basics costs about 60,000. PLN. The upper limit actually does not exist.

In doing so, we can assume that the average cost of creating an application ranges from 270 to 350 thousand zlotys. The latter amount is the price of a powerful application that has more than a dozen functions and meets advanced customer requirements.

The cost of developing a mobile app is influenced by many aspects, such as the number of features, the degree of technical sophistication, the quality of the interface and the choice of technology. Don’t forget that when calculating the cost of developing a mobile app, the cost of maintaining the app should also be taken into account.


Web application development: features and capabilities

Web applications have gained great popularity due to their multifaceted features and capabilities. Compared to traditional apps, web apps run in a web browser, so they can be easily used across devices and platforms.

They can have a variety of applications, for example: e-commerce, human resource management, CRM, ERP and many others. There are various frameworks, such as Ruby on Rails, Django, Laravel, that help in developing web applications.

Browser-supported software is a great way to grow your business. With them, you can make your company more efficient, improve customer service or expand access to products and services.


How much does it cost to develop a web and cross-platform application?

The cost of developing a web or mobile application can vary, depending on many factors. Several types of applications can be distinguished, such as simple application, medium complexity application and high complexity application. They differ in functions, number of modules and level of technological advancement. In addition, the cost may depend on the scale of the project, the execution time and the company that will be responsible for creating the application.

The final cost of the web application is determined by:


Number of functions

Basic applications with registration, login and elementary functions are the cheapest. Their cost can be as high as about PLN 60,000. As the features increase, so does the price, which can even exceed one million zlotys.


Complexity of the function

In addition to the number of functions, their complexity plays a big role. The price of project implementation will be lower the less time-consuming and labor-intensive the features are for developers. For this reason, simpler applications are easier to implement, as well as less expensive.


Interface quality

Applications can be based on a simple graphic design or visually complex. Products with high UX qualities are more expensive than designs that are not analyzed for usability. The difference between a minimalist app and a graphically advanced app is as much as several thousand zlotys. However, a well-thought-out interface and an aesthetically pleasing layout account for the software’s success.


Technology selection

The cost of a web application is also about choosing the right technology. Multiplatform applications will consume a much larger share of the budget than simple software. Cross-platform technology such as React Native is developing faster and faster, allowing the development of an application tailored to any environment.


Maintaining the application

As for the cost of maintaining the application, it is several hundred zlotys per quarter. This is the price app owners have to pay for making minor changes to the software.

Situations where changes require more work are occasional, but then you have to pay more for the maintenance of the platform.


Simple application, medium complexity application vs. high complexity applications

A simple application is usually a single-function application that is created based on a ready-made template. The cost of such an application can range from several to tens of thousands of zlotys. A medium complexity application is already a more complex application that requires integration with various systems. The cost of such an application can range from tens to hundreds of thousands of zlotys. High-complexity applications, on the other hand, are the most complex applications that have many functions and require a large number of modules. Their cost could be several million zlotys.

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The actual cost of a web application – what should you consider?

Before developing a web application, there are many factors to consider that will affect the actual cost. Here are some of them:

  1. Functionality – the cost of the application depends on the number of functions to be implemented. The more features, the higher the cost.
  2. User interface design – User interface design is another important factor that affects the cost of an application. The more complex the user interface, the higher the cost.
  3. Application development – in this case, the cost of developing an application depends on the time it takes to develop it. The longer the process takes, the higher the development cost itself.
  4. Complexity of the application – more expensive applications are those that have a lot of complex functions that require long-term work.
  5. Technologies used – the cost of application development also depends on the technologies that are. The more advanced, the higher the cost.
  6. Hosting services – the cost of developing a web application also includes the cost of hosting services that are required to run the application.


What does the cost of maintaining the application include?

Once the application is created, it is necessary to maintain it so that it works properly. Here are some factors that affect the cost of maintaining an application:

  1. Software updates – Web applications require regular updates to ensure security and performance. The cost of the upgrade depends on the number and complexity of the upgrade.
  2. Hosting services – Web applications also require hosting services to work properly. The cost of hosting services depends on the level of service required.
  3. Content management – if a web application contains content, it is necessary to manage it. The cost of content management depends on the amount of content and its complexity.
  4. Performance monitoring – such measures ensure speed and efficiency. The cost of performance monitoring depends on the level of necessary involvement of specialists in an individual case.


Summary: Web and mobile applications at FutureCode

In summary, web and mobile application development is a complex process that depends on many factors. It requires proper planning, analysis, design and implementation. The cost of a web application consists of the number of functionalities, the complexity of the user interface, the technical specifications and the type of platform, among other factors. It is important to carefully define the purpose, scope and requirements of the application before starting the project to avoid unnecessary costs.
At FutureCode IT Consulting, we know how important it is to our clients that their applications are functional, customized, reliable and easy to use. In our offer you will find software development that is based on a comprehensive audit. We operate in effective project teams that create dedicated software for companies. Explore our offerings where you can find quality solutions to grow your business.


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