Recruitment expert in IT and software development, as well as operational and business processes with nine years of experience. He specializes in creating and optimizing recruitment processes, building effective teams and managing recruitment from target analysis to negotiation to onboarding. His skills allow him to quickly identify and correct gaps in recruitment and business processes, thus bringing value to each collaborating organization. As a Key IT Recruitment Expert, he will guide the company through the entire recruitment process, customizing solutions to meet individual needs and business objectives.
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Łukasz Terlecki

Business Manager & Consultant
Employee Value Proposition Examples
Inspiring Employee Value Proposition Examples
In the competitive IT job market, where all companies strive to secure the top talents, embracing a compelling Employee Value Proposition (EVP) can offer a significant advantage. An EVP is a powerful statement that not only outlines what employees can expect from a company but also communicates the company's expectations of them.
22 Jun | 2024
Skill gaps in the IT industry. Will competency outsourcing help find the missing piece?
Competency gaps refer to the differences between the skills, knowledge and abilities a person currently possesses and those he or she should possess to effectively perform a specific task or role. They are especially important in the IT industry, as dynamic changes in the market generate the need to constantly recruit well-qualified employees. Find out…
5 Jun | 2024
Body Leasing IT: The Answer to Your Company’s Skills Gaps
What is body leasing and why is it mistakenly associated with outsourcing? Body leasing is a method of hiring a qualified employee without the need for a time-consuming and often costly recruitment process. Want more details? Read the following article. Body Leasing - what is it? Body leasing is the literal "rental of an employee"…
7 May | 2024
Exploring Employer Branding for Tech Companies
Discover the techniques used by tech companies to create a strong employer brand that sets them apart and attracts exceptional talent.
6 Mar | 2024
Guide to Recruiting Software Engineers Using LinkedIn
With over 700 million professionals connecting, sharing, and pursuing their career aspirations, LinkedIn has become the go-to hub for sourcing top talent in almost every industry. By using advanced search features, engaging in networking, and employing personalized outreach strategies, recruiters can tap into LinkedIn's vast professional network to find the right software engineers for their…
6 Mar | 2024