Efficiency and innovation are key when it comes to software sales. Sales teams need tools that not only streamline their workflow but also give them a competitive edge. In fact, the use of sales enablement tools by sales pros has seen a significant increase by 20% in 2023. 

This blog explores 15 tools that are transforming the landscape of software sales. From CRM customization to AI-assisted summaries and lead generation, these sales tools are not just about managing sales; they’re about scaling them. Let’s dive into how each tool contributes uniquely to the sales process.


Airtable stands out as a highly versatile sales tool, allowing users to create custom databases for various purposes, including CRM. It offers a range of features like customizable views (List, Timeline, Gantt, etc.), an Interface Designer for building custom apps, and automations to streamline processes. 

Airtable also supports AI integration to enhance workflows across departments. Its real-time data sync feature ensures data consistency across all workflows. Airtable’s integration capabilities with third-party tools like Mailchimp, Stripe, and Facebook further extend its usefulness in automating various sales processes​​​​​​.

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Make (formerly Integromat)

Make is known for its ability to automate complex workflows by connecting various apps and services. We use it to integrate with Google Meet to automatically process meeting transcripts through GPT-4 for summaries, which are then sent to a CRM built with Airtable. This level of automation significantly enhances efficiency in managing sales processes.


GPT-4 by OpenAI offers enhanced accuracy and fluency in text generation, making it highly versatile for applications like content creation, translation, and code generation. According to Hubspot, 81% of sales leaders say that AI can help them spend less time on manual tasks. Its improved performance in low-resource languages extends its usability globally. However, GPT-4 requires significant computational resources and may generate biased content, necessitating careful monitoring.


ClickUp is highly favored in the project management department due to its extensive customization, speed, and scalability. It stands out among competitors like Asana, Monday, and Basecamp. ClickUp’s versatility allows it to manage complex sales projects effectively, making it a top choice for companies looking to streamline their project management processes.


This tool is a cost-effective alternative to DocuSign, offering reliable digital signature services. It streamlines the contract signing process, which is a critical component in sales workflows, thus enhancing overall efficiency and customer experience.


Instantly is a comprehensive cold email software designed to scale outreach campaigns. It allows the addition of unlimited email sending accounts and includes features such as a large warm-up pool, email validation, and bulk domain testing. The software’s Campaign Builder enables the automation and personalization of emails, optimizing deliverability and response rates. 

Additionally, Instantly features an Inbox Rotation system for natural email sending patterns and a Unibox for managing responses from multiple inboxes. The platform also offers advanced analytics for campaign optimization and a Cold Email Accelerator with extensive resources for users (instantly.ai, saleshigher.com).

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Apollo is renowned as one the best sales tools for lead generation.  It is widely recognized for its effectiveness in streamlining the lead generation process and integrating well with other sales tools. It’s commonly used by businesses to enhance their prospecting strategies and improve lead acquisition rates.


Lusha is a sales tool designed to simplify the process of finding contact details, particularly when no contact information is readily available. It assists users in reaching out to potential clients or contacts by providing essential contact information. This can significantly speed up networking and sales processes by making it easier to connect with key individuals and decision-makers.


Notion is a versatile tool primarily used for note-taking and organizing information. It complements other project management and CRM tools like Airtable and ClickUp. Notion’s flexibility makes it ideal for various organizational purposes, including managing sales information, project planning, and collaborative work, making it a popular choice among professionals.


Figjam is a collaborative sales productivity tool that aids in planning, drafting processes, creating strategies, and team collaboration, especially in remote work settings. It offers features that facilitate brainstorming, strategy sessions, and project planning, making it indispensable for teams working remotely. Figjam’s user-friendly interface and interactive elements enhance team communication and project visualization.


Snov.io is a comprehensive sales automation platform that offers a suite of tools designed for various stages of the sales process. Key features include an Email Finder to collect pre-verified leads, a Drip Campaigns tool for personalized email outreach, and an Email Verifier to ensure high deliverability rates. Snov.io also provides an Email Warm-up service to improve inbox placement, and its Sales CRM helps organize and prioritize leads to close more deals. Additionally, Snov.io integrates with over 5,000 tools and apps, making it a versatile choice for managing sales workflows (snov.io).


MailerLite is primarily focused on email marketing and prospecting. It provides tools for creating and managing email campaigns, which are essential for engaging potential customers and driving sales. While specific details about MailerLite’s features weren’t accessed during the search, its core functionality typically includes customizable email templates, audience segmentation, and detailed analytics to track the performance of email campaigns.


Pipedrive is a popular CRM solution, especially for those without the resources to build a custom CRM. It streamlines sales processes with comprehensive CRM capabilities, including lead and deal management, sales pipeline visualization, and activity tracking. Pipedrive’s user-friendly interface and customization options make it a preferred choice for businesses looking to enhance their sales operations with an efficient CRM system.


Loomly is one of the best sales tools to manage inbound traffic and campaigns, an essential aspect of sales and marketing strategies. It helps in organizing and executing marketing campaigns, tracking their performance, and ensuring effective use of marketing resources. Loomly’s features likely include content planning and scheduling, social media management, and analytics to measure the impact of marketing efforts on sales.


DeepL is an AI-powered translator known for its high-quality translations, outperforming many well-known competitors. It’s particularly useful for businesses operating globally, needing accurate translations for communication with international clients. DeepL’s advanced language processing capabilities ensure clear and precise translations, facilitating better understanding and collaboration across different languages.

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These 15 sales productivity tools represent a blend of innovation and practicality, crucial for modern software sales teams. They not only simplify routine tasks but also open doors to new possibilities in client engagement, process automation, and global outreach.

By integrating these tools into their workflows, sales teams can expect not just incremental improvements but transformative changes in their sales dynamics.

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