Sales is an integral part of any business and is responsible for helping drive the revenue and growth of a company. 

However, many pain points exist in the sales process, including inefficiencies. Sales reps spend only 35% of their time on functions related to selling. 

Because of this, sales toolkits are increasingly becoming popular as they help solve problems such as inconsistent sales, missed targets, and automating administrative tasks. 

Incorporating sales toolkits can be a critical competitive advantage for businesses today. 

This article discusses the best sales software that is available within a sales toolkit and how it can help the sales team be more efficient.  

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What Is a Sales Toolkit? 

A sales toolkit is a set of software that is designed to optimize the sales process and assist sales professionals in increasing their sales success. 

They include different applications that cater to different parts of the sales cycle. 

By incorporating these technologies, there are various benefits, including better customer engagement, effective sales management, and automation of low-value tasks. 

Every Sales Executive today is looking for ways to improve their organization’s sales strategy. Using the platforms within a sales toolkit can enable hitting the metrics that matter such as an increase in orders and shortening the sales cycle. 

For instance, a company struggling to increase the time their sales reps spend on selling rather than administrative tasks can start using sales productivity software along with sales intelligence software. 

Overall, the size of the sales platforms software market is set to reach $193 billion by 2032. 

There are different sales software serving various needs within the sales process that are highlighted below: 

Sales Management Software

Sales management software helps organize, track, and manage sales tasks. 

Since a sales operation has various stages that need to be cohesively managed, such as tracking leads and ensuring proper deal management, such a tool helps to streamline it. 

For instance, using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) falls under this category. CRM tools help organize the sales pipeline, which is often a point of confusion within the sales team. 

Problems such as a lead not being passed on to the right sales rep or multiple reps being assigned the same lead are some common occurrences. 

These are pain points that sales management software will help solve and streamline. 

Best Sales Management Software:

  1. Salesforce Sales Cloud: Salesforce provides sales tools with their competitive edge being they have integrated advanced AI functionalities in their software. For instance, they have workflow and process automation that are particularly suited for Enterprise Sales teams. 
  2. HubSpot: Known for its user-friendly interface, HubSpot integrates sales, marketing, and customer service into a single platform. They have more than 1400 app integrations in their App Marketplace. 
  3. Zoho CRM: It is one of the most popular CRMs that has unique features such as lead scoring, which helps to categorize qualified and important leads. 
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Sales Productivity Software

The more time that members of the sales team focus on repetitive, administrative tasks rather than on the actual sales work, the less will be their overall sales output. 

By automating many manual and repetitive tasks, the sales team can increase the number of leads converted. 

For example, if the sales rep can rely on automatically scheduling and sending personalized follow-up emails through such software, they can spend more time with customers and closing deals. This is just one of many opportunities for automation. 

Overall, sales productivity software helps the team to be focused on high-impact tasks.

Furthermore, many of these tools are actively incorporating AI which will help to streamline the sales processes even more. 

Best Sales Productivity Software:

  1. Yesware: Yesware helps to close deals faster by tracking activity on the emails sent and automating common tasks such as following up with leads. 
  2. Slack: Slack is a messaging platform that improves team communication and collaboration. They have a dedicated solution for the sales team too, with their promise being an average 26% increase in sales productivity. 
  3. Trello: Trello helps to organize tasks and streamline collaboration between the sales teams. Their project management tool helps to set up the workflow from nurturing leads to closing deals. 

Sales Prospecting Tools

Sales prospecting tools are used for lead generation by outbound sales teams. They help to reach quality prospects and streamline the prospecting process. 

Without using such software, sales teams might spend hours of their valuable time finding the contact info of the right contacts and doing manual data entry. 

For example, a company can save the time of sales reps by automatically filtering the high-potential prospects by getting a subscription of a sales prospecting tool. 

Furthermore, the integration of AI and machine learning by such software has helped even to find out what the key projects a company is working on to get a clearer idea of their intent for purchases. 

Best Sales Prospecting Tools

  1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator: LinkedIn has more than 1 billion users across 200 countries. Their rich data and insights have made the tool LinkedIn Sales Navigator highly valuable. They offer advanced account search with more than 14 account filters that help find the right prospects. 
  2. They specialize in finding the email address from any website and helping save those leads within seconds. 
  3. Leadfeeder: Leadfeeder is focused on tracking website visitors and providing insights into companies that show an interest in their products. 

Sales Intelligence Tools

Access to analytics can help sales teams to understand the prospect’s behaviors and preferences. 

With more data being produced than ever, any sales department needs to make the most out of the data they have regarding their customers, the market, and their competitors. 

Using sales intelligence tools enables getting accurate data to make data-driven sales decisions. 

For instance, a car dealership can identify which car models are most popular based on the geographic locations. This insight can help the sales team to prioritize certain models over others by location. 

Furthermore, the development of real-time analytics along with AI assistance can help to significantly boost the effectiveness of sales teams. 

Best Sales Intelligence Tools

  1. Tableau: Tableau is one of the most popular data visualization tools that can be used by sales teams to create insightful dashboards and automate the reporting process. 
  2. InsightSquared: They offer detailed sales analytics and forecasting along with features such as interactive reporting and guided selling. 
  3. Gong: Gong is a revenue intelligence platform that captures all sales conversations across various channels and analyzes them with AI. 
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Sales Forecasting Tools

A key part of any sales process is forecasting future demand. This is equally important from the perspective of keeping investors aware of the businesses’s plans too. 

However, the Sales heads tend to rely on their own experiences and assumptions to create such forecasts. 

With this approach, there is a high potential of them being inaccurate and leading to a mismatch in expectations. 

Sales Forecasting Tools help solve this problem by providing predictive analytics based on past data, customer behavior, and current market trends. 

Best Sales Forecasting Tools

  1. Clari Forecast: Clari is a platform that is created for revenue teams to provide the necessary tools to increase revenue. Their forecast tool can save up to 90% of time on forecasting by analyzing past data. 
  2. Forecast Pro: ForecastPro is used by salespeople to automate and simplify a big part of the forecasting process enabling them to focus more on sales. 
  3. Pipedrive: While primarily a CRM, Pipedrive has powerful sales forecasting features such as creating custom dashboards within the platform. 

Sales Enablement Tools

Content has become an important part of any sales team. This includes playbooks, pricing plans, FAQs, and personalized marketing materials. 

Yet, such content is usually scattered making it hard for teams to find them when they most need them. 

The use of sales enablement tools helps to make sure everything is available in one location.

For instance, when a prospect asks for specific information such as as detailed case studies, these tools can provide personalized content based on that client. 

Best Sales Enablement Tools

  1. Seismic: Seismic provides the necessary tools to make reps ready with sales training and content to close more deals. Sales teams using Seismic have a 350% increase in content use. 
  2. Showpad: It is a sales enablement platform that centralizes all content and sales tool by adapting to what buyers want. This platform is known for its convenient user interface. 
  3. Highspot: Highspot has advanced content management and sales training capabilities. They have a customized learning management system and are known for high content findability. 
How to Build a Sales Team for a Tech Product

How to Build a Sales Team for a Tech Product

Introduction Having a sales team is crucial for tech companies as they bridge the gap between innovative technology solutions and...
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Why Do You Need the Best Sales Software?

As we are moving more towards a remote-first world, the use of sales software has become essential to achieve excellent results. 

However, it is important to first identify the needs of the business and which software will be best to meet those needs. 

By choosing the best sales software in various categories such as management, productivity, prospecting, intelligence, forecasting, and enablement, a business can develop an edge over its competitors. 

Ensuring that the sales reps focus more of their time on selling, being smart with analytics, forecasting to predict highly qualified leads, and developing personalized sales content are a few of the many applications that a sales toolkit provides. 

Therefore, improving the sales strategy and helping the sales team focus on tasks related to sales while automating the rest, will result in better sales results. 

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