In recent years, Poland has emerged as a powerhouse in offshore software development. With its growing IT industry, skilled workforce, and a range of attractive business environments, Poland is becoming an increasingly popular destination for companies seeking to outsource software development. 

In this blog post, we will explore why it is worth considering offshore software development in Poland and look into the top cities that are driving this industry’s growth.

Why Is It Worth It to Do Offshore Software Development in Poland?

Offshore Software Development in Poland is a top choice due to its thriving tech ecosystem, vast talent pool of 525,100 IT specialists, and a strong presence of over 1,230 tech companies. Major industry leaders like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft have chosen Poland for their R&D centers. The country’s financial attractiveness, rising start-up activity, and quality-driven service make it a compelling destination for software development projects.

Let us take a look at several more compelling reasons why companies are choosing to outsource their software development projects to this European nation.

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1. Education and Talent Pool

In Poland, 38% of software engineers hold Master’s degrees, while 27% have Bachelor’s or Engineer’s degrees. Among tech professionals, 55% have studied computer science, and 30% have degrees in other technical fields. Moreover, Polish IT professionals are renowned for their technical prowess and problem-solving abilities. 

Poland is home to a pool of highly experienced talent, with 42% classified as middle developers and 32% as senior specialists and tech leads. Among junior experts, a significant portion is found within QA and Data Science roles. 

This diversity of expertise means that companies can readily find specialists with the specific skills required for their projects. Whether it’s front-end or back-end development, mobile app development, artificial intelligence, or data analytics, Poland’s talent pool is rich and versatile.

2. Cost-Efficiency

Poland offers a cost-effective solution for software development without compromising on quality. Compared to Western European countries and the United States, the labor costs in Poland are significantly lower. The favorable exchange rate further amplifies the cost advantage for companies outsourcing their projects to Poland.

Poland offers a significant cost advantage for software development, with rates 20% to 50% lower than Western Europe or the United States. In cities like Warsaw and Wroclaw, developers earn an average monthly salary of around $2,000, a fraction of what their counterparts receive in the USA. 

Importantly, this cost savings doesn’t compromise the quality of work, thanks to the lower cost of living in Poland. Companies can achieve substantial cost savings without sacrificing the excellence and precision of their software solutions.

3. Cultural Compatibility

Poland’s strong cultural affinity with Western Europe and North America is a significant advantage for companies seeking offshore software development services. Poland’s developers excel in foreign languages, notably English. All respondents in a survey reported English proficiency. The country’s strong language skills are further evidenced by its impressive 13th ranking in the global English proficiency index.

Cultural compatibility extends beyond language to include shared values, work ethics, and business practices. This alignment fosters smooth interactions between offshore development teams in Poland and their clients, reducing the risk of misunderstandings and enhancing project efficiency.

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4. Robust IT Infrastructure

Poland continually invests in upgrading its IT infrastructure, with a strong focus on cybersecurity and data protection. This commitment ensures that offshore software development projects in Poland are conducted in a secure and compliant environment, meeting international standards and regulations.

With the growing importance of data security and privacy, companies can confidently entrust their sensitive information and intellectual property to Polish development teams. The robust IT infrastructure in the country safeguards against cyber threats and data breaches, providing peace of mind to clients.

5. Proximity to Major European Markets

Poland’s strategic geographical location in the heart of Europe is a key advantage for companies looking to access the European market. It offers easy connectivity to major European cities, enabling efficient travel and communication with clients, partners, and customers across the continent.

This proximity simplifies project management, allowing for face-to-face meetings when necessary and ensuring that time zone differences are minimal. It also facilitates rapid responses to changing market dynamics and customer needs, making Poland an ideal choice for companies with European market ambitions.

6. Favorable Business Environment

Poland provides a welcoming and supportive business environment for IT companies. The government offers various incentives, tax breaks, and grants designed to attract foreign investments and foster the growth of the IT sector. These initiatives make it financially advantageous for companies to establish or expand their presence in Poland.

Additionally, the country’s legal framework and regulatory environment are conducive to business operations. The ease of setting up and running a business in Poland, along with the availability of skilled talent, makes it an appealing destination for companies seeking to leverage the benefits of offshore software development.

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Top Cities for Offshore Software Development in Poland

Now that we’ve established why Poland is an attractive destination for offshore software development, let’s explore some of the top cities driving this industry’s growth within the country:

1. Warsaw 

The capital city of Poland, Warsaw, hosts a sizable community of more than 82,500 Polish software professionals. Yet, the competition for skilled talent in the city is intense due to its substantial presence of outsourcing companies and R&D centers, making it one of the most competitive hubs in the country. What distinguishes Warsaw is:

  • Warsaw fosters collaboration between universities, technology parks, and the banking sector, promoting innovation and research. The Wrocław Technology Park, Centre for Technology Transfer at the Wrocław University of Technology, and Wroclaw Research Centre EIT+ play pivotal roles in this ecosystem.
  • Multinational technology giants, including Nokia Solutions and Networks and 3M have established branches and R&D centers in Warsaw, leveraging the city’s expertise in software development.

2. Lodz 

Lodz is swiftly establishing itself as a notable IT hub in Poland, with a strong emphasis on software development. Its strategic location and robust infrastructure position it as an appealing choice for offshore software development. The ABSL’s “Business Services Sector in Poland 2021” report acknowledges Lodz for its remarkable growth in new R&D centers, collaborations with tech universities, and competitive wage offerings. Key highlights encompass:

  • The city hosts two technological parks and various research centers, fostering innovation and technology transfer.
  • Lodz is the location of the Nobel Tower, the city’s first private science and technology park. This infrastructure provides opportunities for research and development, including centers for companies like Samsung Electronics.

3. Cracow 

Cracow has maintained its status as a hub of software development excellence in Poland for an extended period. The city boasts the largest concentration of tech professionals in the nation, surpassing 93,000 experts in 2022. Cracow’s strength in software development is further enhanced by:

  • Cracow’s AGH University of Science and Technology contributes to the city’s reputation for producing a high number of technical graduates, meeting the demands of the IT industry.
  • The city’s universities collaborate with numerous technology parks, technology transfer centers, and business incubators, promoting innovation and entrepreneurship.

4. Wroclaw 

Wroclaw is swiftly gaining prominence in the IT industry, recognized for its innovative approaches to software development. The city boasts a talent pool of 59,500 professional developers, known for their expertise. Wroclaw stands out for its partnership with city authorities to foster a favorable business environment, alongside the widespread availability of office spaces throughout the area. 

Key elements fueling its expansion comprise:

  • Wroclaw boasts prominent universities like Wroclaw University and the University of Technology, ensuring a steady supply of skilled IT professionals.
  • The Wroclaw Technology Park and the Centre for Technology Transfer at the Wrocław University of Technology are essential components of the city’s innovation ecosystem.

5. Katowice 

Katowice accommodates a noteworthy community of Polish software developers, with the count reaching nearly 29,500 in 2021. This thriving IT hub witnesses the entry of approximately 1,400 ICT graduates into the job market each year. Katowice’s IT outsourcing vendors predominantly collaborate with companies from Poland, the United States, and France. 

6. Tricity (Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot) 

Tri-City, encompassing Gdansk, Gdynia, and Sopot, has merged into a collective region with a tech talent pool of 34,000 proficient software developers. This area has earned a reputation as an enticing outsourcing destination, owing to its well-established urban infrastructure and competitive wage levels. The region’s flourishing is attributed to:

  • The University of Gdansk and the Gdansk University of Technology drive innovation in the Tricity region.
  • The technology giant Intel has its research and development center in the Tricity region, and Amazon has expressed plans to establish its technology development center here.
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Offshore software development in Poland has become a strategic choice for companies looking to leverage top-tier talent, cost-efficiency, and a supportive business environment. With a wide range of cities to choose from, each offering its own set of advantages, 

Poland stands as a formidable destination for outsourcing software development projects. Whether you are a startup looking to develop a new app or an established enterprise seeking to scale your software solutions, Poland’s IT industry has much to offer.

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