For the past 20 years, our expert Jakub has been selling software development and enhancement services, and building sales teams in companies like yours. His experience has helped many IT companies gain hundreds of clients and projects (including enterprise type projects), and multiply their revenues. As an expert who has been active in the IT industry for years, he understands the various stages of the sales process and knows what makes the IT industry unique.

Jakub Wrana

Expert in Software and IT Services Sales.
Sales as a Service
The Strategic Advantage of Sales as a Service for Tech Companies 
Discover the strategic advantage of Sales as a Service for tech companies. Leverage big data analytics and the latest sales technologies to refine sales approaches
7 May | 2024
How to Sell Software as a Service Products? SaaS Sales Models and Cycle
In today’s evolving digital landscape, knowing how to sell SaaS has become a crucial skill in the tech industry.  With the popularity of Software as a Service (SaaS) increasing exponentially, businesses are evolving the way they operate by adapting flexible and cost-effective solutions to obstacles in their work pipeline. 
4 Apr | 2024
The Art of Consultative Selling in the Tech Industry
Consultative selling, often known as “need-based selling,” is an approach where sales reps focus on building a relationship with the customers through creating dialogue. Consultative selling techniques involve understanding the customers’ needs, goals, and challenges rather than solely focusing on the product. It is a customer-centric approach that lets customers trust your product and buy…
3 Apr | 2024
Best B2B Software Sales Strategies for Success
A strong software sales strategy plan helps create the foundation for a cohesive and successful B2B software organization. These strategies and initiatives also help align your sales team with shared goals and empower them to do their best work, keeping them happy and successful too.
28 Mar | 2024
Selling ERP Systems: A Guide to Sales Consulting
Discover the power of ERP sales and marketing with our comprehensive guide—learn how to successfully promote and sell ERP systems to modern businesses.
28 Mar | 2024